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Devon Bostick bildete das Schlusslicht und kam offiziell am Mai an Bord​. Die Dreharbeiten begannen am April in Mississauga, Ontario, Kanada. 13 Userkritiken zum Film Regression von Alejandro Amenábar mit Emma deutlich mehr zu überzeugen und machen „Regression“ am Ende doch noch zu​. Um so ärgerlicher, wenn diese dann nicht konsequent zu Ende geführt werden. So leider auch geschehen beim Thriller 'Regression' mit Ethan. Für den düsteren Thriller REGRESSION mit Emma Watson wappnen wir So erfahren wir gegen Ende, dass der Film in der Gegenwart spielt. Bevor dies eintraf, war der Film aber zu Ende - welches ich leider auch schwach fand. Weiterlesen. 2. Gefällt mir. Antworten Folgen Melden.

regression film ende

Ende noch eine Wendung oder einfach nur die Tatsache, dass der Film nicht nur nach Schema F abläuft, so geht Regression unbeirrt seinen. Bevor dies eintraf, war der Film aber zu Ende - welches ich leider auch schwach fand. Weiterlesen. 2. Gefällt mir. Antworten Folgen Melden. Der Filmtitel „Regression“ bezieht sich auf eine Hypnosetechnik, die Ende zu gefallen weiß, wird der Film hier gegen Ende etwas schwächer.

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Regression Film Ende Video

Je mehr sich Kenner mit dem Fall beschäftigt, desto deutlicher wird das Offensichtliche: Es gibt eine den Teufel anbetende Sekte und ihre Macht. Der Filmtitel „Regression“ bezieht sich auf eine Hypnosetechnik, die Ende zu gefallen weiß, wird der Film hier gegen Ende etwas schwächer. So sehr sich der ausgemergelt dreinschauende Ethan Hawke auch abmüht, kann er nicht kaschieren, dass seine Figur etwas überhastet in. Ende noch eine Wendung oder einfach nur die Tatsache, dass der Film nicht nur nach Schema F abläuft, so geht Regression unbeirrt seinen. Standardfehler der Regression. Die Streuungszerlegung im Regressionsmodell. Korrelations- und Regressionsbeziehung. regression film ende regression film ende

Regression received generally negative reviews from critics, mostly focused on the film's third act. The site's consensus reads, " Regression boasts a pair of eminently likable leads — neither of whom are able to dislodge the movie from the mire of psychological thriller mediocrity.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Regression Theatrical release poster. David Dencik [7] as John Gray, Angela's father.

This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. August British Board of Film Classification. September 21, Retrieved September 21, Deadline Hollywood.

Retrieved February 5, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved February 14, Retrieved December 24, Retrieved April 18, May 23, Retrieved June 1, Retrieved April 17, April 16, Retrieved June 7, Retrieved May 6, Many blamed 'false memories' implanted by well-meaning counselors and psychologists and even the Press, unintentionally encouraging people in the creation of fantasies.

In doing this it is of course skating on thin ice, since similar ideas have often been used in attempts to discredit the claims of those reporting genuine 'historical' cases of assault or abuse.

The resolution presented in 'Regression' is perhaps one of the least satisfying aspects of the film, and I was surprised that no reference was made to the fundamentalist Christian element for which parts of America are so famous.

I think this one entertains, and after a slowish start builds up to quite a fast and dramatic pace in the second half. I would definitely recommend seeing it, but I don't think you would lose very much by waiting for it to get to rental or television.

For a long time, Alejandro Amenabar has been one of my favorite writer- directors for the twisted suspense thrillers. He was quite prolific at the turn of the century -- "Thesis" , "Open Your Eyes" and his English-language debut "The Others" Since then though, his output had been sparse.

That was why when I heard that he will be releasing a new film this year entitled "Regression," I made sure I went to watch it.

Seventeen-year old Angela Gray accuses her father of sexually abusing her. Detective Bruce Kenner is assigned to her case. The father meekly admits to the crime, but does not actually recall doing it.

Kenner seeks the help of Psychology professor Kenneth Raines to elicit his repressed memories, as well as those of the other members of the Gray family, via hypnotic regression.

What is revealed from these sessions are diabolical confessions of such disturbing nature that Kenner himself could not get them out of his own mind.

Ethan Hawke is such a good actor, really. From his feature debut in "Dead Poet's Society," then "Before Sunrise" and its series , "Gattaca," "Sinister" to his Oscar-nominated performances in "Training Day" and "Boyhood," this guy can really portray the most ordinary characters and wind up making them very memorable.

His intense take of the obsessed Bruce Kenner was riveting and infectious. His visions become our visions, his beliefs our beliefs.

He had a flawless interactive rapport with Amenabar's camera, registering and conveying the anger, paranoia, confusion, and fear of his character so well on screen.

Emma Watson returns on her trajectory to becoming a serious movie actress after being sidelined by unfortunate roles in "This is the End" and "Noah.

Her best performances were still those for Hermione Granger. Her young adult performances in films like "Perks of Being a Wallflower" and "The Bling Ring" had a certain unnatural stiffness in them, as it was again here as well.

Credible supporting performances were given by David Thewlis as the authoritative Prof. Raines and David Dencik as Angela's repentant father John.

Going a bit over the top was Dale Dickey and her exaggeratedly demented performance as Angela's grandmother Rose. The strangest casting decision was that of Lothaire Bluteau as the priest Reverend Murray.

He exuded such a creepy vibe, which of course may be the director's intention. While "Regression" was still not on the same level of excellence as "Open Your Eyes" or "The Others," Alejandro Amenabar returned to form with this comeback project of sorts.

The script, though weak and flawed in certain aspects like motive, for one important example , was still logical and grounded despite dealing with controversial religious and psychological matters.

The storytelling engages you despite the dark unpleasant topics and relentlessly morbid atmosphere.

I am looking forward to the next Amenabar opus. I hope it does not take so many years anymore. She accuses her daddy , John Gray, David Dencik of an unspeakable and ominous crime.

As John, confesses to the grisly crime, even though he has no recollection of his action. When John unexpectedly and without recollection admits his heinous guilt, renowned psychologist Dr.

Kenneth Raines David Thewlis is brought in to help him relive his memories. What they discover unmasks a terrible and baffling result.

Meanwhile, the local media hints the possibility that everything could have been a satanic cult's doing. Fear always finds its victim.

Set against the backdrop of a seemingly endless string of suspenseful incidents of satanic ritual abuse in Americas , Minnesota , in which a detective and a psychoanalyst uncover evidence of a horrifying satanic cult while investigating a young woman's terrifying past and resulting in a bizarre nationwide mystery.

The picture displays lots of creepy and weird moments. Confused , tense, controversial and with horrible scenes about practices of satanic worship , devil ritual , eerie sex-scenes and satanism.

Production values and set design are highlighted by the usual cool scenarios, as exterior in a little town , as colorful interior.

Ethan Hawke gives a good acting as a detective who investigates the case of a strange young. Emma Watson is acceptable along with David Thewlis , both of whom formerly starred in the Harry Potter franchise.

In all his films he also writes the script and the music, as well as composing the music for other films, most notably "La Lengua de las Mariposas" or Butterflies tongue" I won't make this too long, as I don't want to spoil anything, but I can honestly say this film is hard to review because it had so few things to even comment on.

The single worst thing about the movie was the character progression The characters were just kind of thrown into the movie in a way that made you feel like you were already supposed to know about their lives there for the make sure not to tell us a single personal thing about any of them.

I kept thinking there must have been an error and we missed the first half of the film because it was going on as if we were supposed to have this connection with the people and at no point could I ever remember their names.

There was even a scene literally within the first 30 minutes that was made to seem like it was a huge revaluation about a character being a bad guy and I remember thinking "oh Even Emma Watson's character, a huge part of the story and involved in the "climax" at the end, was on screen maybe 15 minutes in total the whole film.

All in all, I left the theater wondering why I was supposed to care about any of the events that took place because, with the lack of character attachment, it all meant nothing.

I guess the low ratings are from the people who expected a blood gore or jump scare because of the Satanic theme in the movie.

I don't want to give away the story so you will miss the fun. This movie is a decent suspense thriller with all the satanic devotion elements and given complete explanation.

If you like suspense psychological thriller with some horror elements, then you should watch it. An intense mystery Gordon 7 February This film tells the story of a policeman who investigates a woman's claim that she is the victim of abuse from a Satanic cult, which includes her father and a fellow policeman colleague.

I have to say that I did not see the twists coming, even though I had several possibilities in mind. Ethan Hawke is convincing as a dedicated policeman who wants to get to the bottom of the abuse, in order to help the poor woman who naturally evokes much sympathy from viewers.

The story is intense because the mystery is well built, and the suspense is well kept. I enjoyed watching "Regression" a lot.

I don't really have a lot to say about this movie. The whole point of the film is bloody not knowing how it will turn out and NOT having it ruined So, it really annoys me in the extreme that these people here are so completely dense that they mindlessly do exactly that.

These people really should be hunted down, tortured, killed, and tortured some more so they do NOT have a chance to breed Anyway, not making any comment on how the movie turned out or it's intent, but just commenting on it as a film I feel that it was very well made, very well acted by all concerned, and did an excellent job in creating a superb sense of Suspense and 'Horror' at the mysterious goings on here in this town.

To me THAT is what matters Now, with that said Would I have personally liked it to end differently?

But, that is just my personal taste. Many here just P! Well, I was kind of disappointed too. But still, I can honestly say that this is a well put together film that gets it's point across and accurately portrays a recent era in our past.

When you get to the 'Epilogue' over the closing credits, it is very clear as to why the film was made and what it was portraying. And, in my lowly and wretched opinion, it did exactly that, and did it very well.

Would it be my first recommendation for a 'Great' Horror film? Is it my very favourite 'Type' of Horror film?

But, I can certainly tell a well crafted movie when I see one, even if it may not be exactly the type of movie that would be at the very top of my personal list of Horror films I feel that they accurately portrayed the mentality of how the people thought then, and they also make a VERY strong statement concerning one of the 'approved' techniques used at the time, thus the title of the film Ignore all these inconsiderate D!

If the basic premise appeals to you, just start watching the film and see if it catches your attention.

Even if, like me, you aren't exactly changing your pants in ecstasy at the end of it, if you honestly appreciate good movies, I think you will see that this is a very well made and thoughtful film Having seen the film, I am astonished by the favourable reviews and the absurdly generous average score '6'.

While the storyline is not without merit, its bland re-telling, the pedestrian direction and Watson's well below par acting, renders it a cinematographic wet lettuce.

I am well aware of the fact the any critical comment on Watson's acting 'talent' and ability is a no-go are for mainstream Brits.

Despite overwhelming evidence pertaining to her 'acting' career post Harry Potter, neither Watson, nor her PR people, appear to appreciate her overwhelming limitations and utter inability to deliver drama and intensity at any level.

While her celebrity status may mean box office success, there is no substance to back it. In the real world, the film would been rated around , with clear warning to the prospective cinema goer to part company with their hard warned cash only at their peril.

Judging by the reviews it seems to be a polarizing film that has determined this, rather unfair, low score. A classic thriller with a classic twist.

Worth watching. It is rare in our times to meet a movie of the horror genre that shows a true devotion to the spirit of the genre, without being referential to the past and without aiming, first things first, at creating shocking scenes you are about to forget the next moment.

Regression belongs to the great tradition of the poetic cinema of horror and fantasy, in the manner of Jacques Tourneur, where we follow a story in ambivalence regarding the paranormal elements that define it, up to the end when an explanation is offered.

And exactly as we encounter in Cat people, for example, an explanation that is based on rational terms but we are still mesmerized by the journey in the world of fantasy and shadows, so do we in Regression meet an end that explains everything in terms of psychology without bad guys and good guys but after we have been immersed in a delusional universe, following the central character who has been deceived and terrified.

This is a common theme in classic horror movies and is elaborated here in an excellent way, in my opinion, as the film unfolds gradually in the moody background of a rural American town, with dreamy scenes that create an engaging atmosphere, and a general feeling of sinking helplessly into paranoia.

Whatsmore, the film is a study in the genesis of fear, judging it to stem from the mechanisms of repression, and despite the seemingly simple use of explanation-fit to the b-movie character the film has-the whole concept is faithful to the lessons of Psychoanalysis which is never mentioned, instead there is a psychologist that practices hypnosis and supports the value of regression-a simplistic attitude towards the discoveries of psychoanalysis.

Take this movie, which is not the best thriller ever made, but is more than rock solid. I really liked it and it has to do with the acting, the mood it builds up, the tension throughout and how it makes sense altogether.

That doesn't mean that everyone enjoys it or will enjoy watching it. Especially if you can't wrap your head around what is happening - or how it is happening.

Some won't like how it turns out no pun intended , but it was fitting in my book. It's something more for the mind rather than something that just relies on shock values though it has more than its fair amount of that too.

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Twist: Inspektor Kujan entlässt Kint, um kurz darauf festzustellen, dass Kint ihn belogen hat. Möchtest Du weitere Kritiken ansehen? Colonia Dignidad - Es gibt kein Zurück. Twist: Dr. Would highly recommend despite some downright gory and scary scenes. Especially when it's with good actors like Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson. Retrieved Visit web page 21, Article source foarte buni, poveste inspirata din evenimente reale, deci visit web page film foarte bun dupa parerea mea. Suspans, actori buni si un final neasteptat. Der Film wurde von diesen realen Ereignissen inspiriert. It is certainly a film effects, tricks and false appearances, but let the feeling of click .

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Die Schöne und das Biest Erhofft man sich am Ende noch eine Wendung oder einfach virginia madsen die Balto, dass der Film nicht nur nach Schema F abläuft, so geht Regression unbeirrt seinen Weg weiter und präsentiert dem Rosso profondo genau das, was sich in seinem Kopf abgespielt haben dürfte. Attila trennen sich von ihrem Schlagzeuger nach Missbrauchsvorwürfen Vielleicht lieber morgen Das ist das Ende. Source Recall Die Geschichte 3 тачки er aus willkürlichen Anhaltspunkten im Verhörzimmer konstruiert.

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